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Incorporation (Inc.)

A corporation is an entity formed under state civil law that is a separate legal entity owned by shareholders.The corporate business structure may reduce your taxes and protect you against the threat of personal liability.


Key Features:

• Must register with the California Secretary of State before conducting business operations and file appropriate paperwork.

• Must create bylaws (e.g., how the corporation will operate) that cover items such as stockholder meetings, director meetings, number of officers, and their responsibilities.

• If formed as a corporation, the owners of the corporation are not liable for the losses of the businesses and creditors may only look to the corporation and the business assets for payment.

• A separate bank account and separate records are required.

• Owners have ultimate control of the corporation; but must elect directors who in turn elect officers for the company. The directors make the major decisions, while the officers make the day-to-day decisions.

• The life of the corporation is perpetual in nature. 

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